PIGS WHINE: FBI Sued for Civil Rights Violations for Surveilling Muslim Terrorists Near San Bernardino


From Pamela Geller

In the wake of the jihad slaughter in San Bernardino, Muslim groups near San Benardino and their running dogs on the left continued to pursue a lawsuit against the FBI to dismantle counter terror programs.

If Muslims groups reject jihad and stand with the victims, they would never sue, let alone continue to sue after the San Bernardino Islamic massacre. Why aren’t Muslims taking to the streets to protest this lawsuit? Why not take to the streets and protest jihad, the way they take to the streets when Israel defends herself? By their fruits we shall know them, and so we know them.

“FBI Sued for Civil Rights Violations for Surveilling Muslims Near San Bernardino,” Judicial Watch, December 22, 2015

With the region—and the entire nation—still reeling from the San Bernardino terrorist attacks, a federal appellate court is considering whether the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) should be punished for surveilling Muslims in a nearby southern California county.

The case centers around a federal surveillance program that focused on the Islamic Center of Irvine, situated just 55 miles from the recent massacre in San Bernardino. A leftist civil rights group and a terrorist front group, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), sued the federal government for violating Muslims’ civil rights by indiscriminately targeting them for surveillance. The lawsuit was filed in 2011 and alleges that during a two-year period the FBI collected extensive records about the religious practices of hundreds of Muslims who attended various southern California mosques. The records include video and audio recordings of prayers, discussion groups and religious lectures as well as social and cultural events, according to the complaint.

In 2012 a federal court dismissed most of the lawsuit against the FBI because the judge agreed with the government that matters vital to national security would be disclosed if it went forward. Before ruling, the judge, Cormac J. Carney, reviewed classified information that was not made public. Attorneys representing the Muslims vowed to hold the FBI responsible for surveilling their community and abusing their constitutional rights. In a statement, they blasted the government for invoking state secrets privilege to dismiss the FBI’s “unlawful infiltration of mainstream mosques in southern California.” Muslim Americans were targeted for surveillance because of their religion, the lawyers assert. Read More

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