BREAKING: Pilot Who Dropped Sarin Gas Bomb On Children Just Got INSTANT KARMA!

BREAKING: Pilot Who Dropped Sarin Gas Bomb On Children Just Got INSTANT KARMA!

Karma is often clever and never kind to individuals who take the lives of others, especially those of children. When the innocent people of Syria were gassed in the night, the pilot who delivered the deathly blow of chemicals probably felt no remorse for the inhumane treatment. This is the same that everyone is feeling about what’s happened to him in the aftermath of this human atrocity.

Prntly reports that the Syrian pilot, General Mohammed Hasouri, is believed to have been the one who carried out the chemical massacre in Khan Sheikhoun, on April 4, which killed 87 people. The Syrian government claims the gas explosion happened when a terrorist chemical weapons base exploded. However, overwhelming evidence shows the bomb was launched by the regime. This also wasn’t Hasouri’s first chemical drop, according to The Times, who reports the pilot was also a member of the Alawite sect – the same sect that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad belongs to.

BREAKING: Pilot Who Dropped Sarin Gas Bomb On Children Just Got INSTANT KARMA!
General Mohammed Hasouri

It only took about a week for karma to catch up to Hasouri and happened under ironic circumstances. The pilot was reportedly killed on Monday, April 10, by a bomb that was placed under his car. His death comes after the government’s claim that they aren’t responsible for the gas attack, which adds question to who killed the pilot who lived in government-held areas of Damascus.

This just goes to prove that when you play with fire (or bombs) you’re going to get burned. He got what he had coming to him after he accepted this death mission on civilians.

Aftermath of gas attack in Syria
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