Pissed Off and Heavily Armed Patriots Take A Stand After Learning What’s Planned At Mosque (VIDEO)

From Mad World: A group of pissed off patriots are protesting, bringing attention to the leftist plans that impact our nation. Reminiscent of the Alamo, the armed Texas patriots are making their stand against the Obama regime’s policies, while bringing awareness to another very important crisis. Fed-up with the coddling a mosque is receiving from the government, the Texas patriots are out to defend some very important American heroes.


The Islamic Center of Irving Texas is accepting over 200 Syrian refugees, which has been given the green light from Washington. This plan of accepting Middle Eastern refugees goes against the consensus of Americans, while ignoring the plight of our veterans who need help so desperately.

The Texas patriots, calling themselves the Bureau of American Islamic Relations (BAIR) – an obvious play on the Muslim Brotherhood backed group called CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations), are focused on their mission:

The group, called the Bureau of American Islamic Relations (BAIR), rallied for “Veterans Before Refugees.” The Facebook event page stated their objections as: “We will not allow Syrian refugees to come here from a war zone while thousands of veterans are sleeping on the streets and dying waiting for the VA healthcare they were promised when they took the oath.”

“We have people here that need our help,” BAIR founder David Wright III told the Dallas newspaper, seemingly alluding to Texas veterans who suffer with homelessness, mental illness, health issues, and abject poverty. Many of the BAIR group are veterans, including John Usener, a father of four, who served eight tours in Iraq, and is state captain for the BAIR-affiliated Three Percenters Texas. — via Bare Naked Islam

The suicide rate among veterans is absolutely mind-boggling. In 2013, a study showedabout 22 veterans were committing suicide daily. Our veterans deserve to come before any foreign refugees, especially when we know many of these Syrian refugees are single men who are raping and pillaging their way through Europe.

The protest has garnered attention from the press, and the Dallas Morning News reported a liberal leaning piece that spotlighted the one lone counter protester:


Heidi Hickman, a 35-year-old massage therapist who said she has lived in and around Irving nearly all her life, questioned why the community should have to choose [between helping refugees or veterans]. “We can only have one or the other?” she asked. Hickman wore oversized sunglasses, which she said helps prevent migraines that worsen her fibromyalgia, and held a sign that said, “Texas is big enough for EVERYONE, Y’ALL!!!”

Heidi is the typical liberal, brain-dead to any of the world news going on around her daily. She reduces the refugee issue into one of space, as if the problem the Texas patriots are protesting has to do with having enough land to lodge the refugees and veterans.

The Texas patriots make the point that America has veterans who struggle daily to just survive. Our veterans deserve so much more than the despicable way the Obama regime has treated them. Our tax dollars should go toward our veterans, not to a group of refugees who are laying waste to Europe.

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