Pissed Off Black Man Takes Life in Own Hands With EPIC Viral Message To BLM (VIDEO)


More Police Officers have been gunned down and REAL Americans are pissed! That’s the ONLY thing BlackLivesMatter is good at. Pissing people off. This so called ‘stand’ they are taking? What a buttload of crap! THEY don’t even believe in what they are claiming their cause to be, they just want to make noise, be obnoxious and hopefully get free stuff from it.

They are that person that tells nothing but lies, then proceeds to believe them. SICKENING!

All they are managing to get from it however, is blood on their hands. A WHOLE LOT of innocent blood, that right now is causing a plague of anguish across this Nation of ours. The only reason why they have this kind of audacity it because our asshole President thinks he is God, and can bless and deny whomever he wants. Currently he is essentially giving his blessing to BlackLivesMatter, and why wouldn’t he? He is most likely their biggest supporter! If not their very creator.

In fact he gives his blessing to anyone or anything that seems to terrorize Americans. Why hasn’t he been dragged out of the White House and impeached yet!

People who once stood for what was right are being corrupted, by the same sickness that has corrupted D.C. for years now. There are no longer any answers in D.C. and looking to leadership to help pull the country out of this down spiral, is suicide. Obama does not give a damn.

If there is going to be change, then people need to start talking about what is happening. Be unashamed to speak up and share what is happening. There are far more people that have NO clue than there are people that understand what is happening right now. Too many Americans are absolutely blind to the truth as they exist in their little happy bubble…and that’s going to be a real problem when things really hit the fan.

Take for example THIS guy… he is unafraid, and speaks the truth and now his video is going VIRAL. It’s time we as Americans speak up and take action. It’s time we let the TRUTH cut where it stands, and be UNAFRAID of being called a bigot or accused of being “Politically Incorrect”. Screw that crap.

Check out this guy, he’s black, he’s pissed, and he’s backing our blue with the only way he can right now. That’s something.

More Dead Cops oh I’m pissed, I’m trying figure something out. #Inmyprayers

Posted by Terrence Williams on Sunday, July 17, 2016

By Monday morning, the video had already accrued over 32,000 likes and 24,000 shares, as well as over 7,000 comments, most of them positive, but some of them quite negative.

The negative ones argued that Williams should care about deceased black suspects as much as he does about dead cops, regardless of the fact that most suspects wind up being proven to have been killed justifiably.

I have a feeling Williams is not going to sweat the negative comments. He knows what is right and what is wrong, and when you stand by the right…there is power in that. The video has gone VIRAL, and it is one that actually deserves it.

Thank you Terrence Williams.