PISSED OFF Citizens March at Mosque, Moments Later It’s BURNING!

The central mosque of Madrid was lit up with flares and smoke canisters in protest of what some Spanish citizens apparently considered the threat of radical Islamic terror, fearing that what happened in Brussels may happen in Madrid.

A banner with “Today Brussels, tomorrow Madrid?” was hung on the Islamic Cultural Center as locals accused the mosque of having ties to terrorist organizations.

Police reports had shown that members of the mosque had financed trips to Syria for jihadist terror activities and training.

The financing was known as a “revolutionary tax” and applied to each member, with an average of a little over $11 per person having been contributed.

Spanish Mosque

It was believed that the mosque acted not only as a recruitment tool for Islamic terror, but also as an operations center as well.

As the protest was going on, a statement from the center’s head Imam read: “Without a doubt, what happened in Brussels on March 22 is unacceptable, nor is it accepted within our logic or religion to commit such nefarious attacks.”

Protests like this show a possible indication that people all over the world are awakening to the realization that terror groups are hiding under the banners of political correctness and victimization.

Recently, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz called on law enforcement to patrol Muslim neighborhoods to ensure that terror activities weren’t being conducted. Donald Trump’s blunt condemnation of Muslim terror has also attracted criticism for months.

Obviously, we do not condone vigilantism of any sort. But if liberal-leaning Europe begins to call for an undoing of politically correct laws that protect undercover Islamic terror organizations, this could lend credibility to the Republican position that calls for a close scrutiny of suspected radicalized Muslims and those who support them.

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