Pissed Off Soldiers Just Got EPIC Revenge On Muslims With What They Put On Missile They Dropped On Them


Four days after another Muslim went on a massive killing spree, we are learning more sickening details about Salman Abedi who was responsible for the killing of 22 concert-goers in Manchester. Shortly after the Muslim scumbag’s sister revealed to the press that her brother’s suicide attack was done “out of love for Islam,” the people of Britain are getting revenge for their slaughtered citizens in the most epic way possible, after sending a nasty surprise straight to ISIS who was responsible for radicalizing and pushing Abedi to carry out the suicide bombing plot in the first place.

The people of Britain seem to finally be waking up to the true dangers of Islam, as we see many fed up people finally taking a stand against this barbaric religion, demanding that officials crack down on immigration. Members of the Royal Air Force (RAF) are extremely pissed at what’s going on in their country, and decided to send a special message to ISIS in response to Monday’s deadly attack.

Rather than just sending a missile to get their point of disgust across however, the members of the British forces stationed at an undisclosed location in the Middle East decided to first scrawl a special message on the bomb that read, “Love from Manchester,” which is poetic justice when you consider that Abedi went on a suicide mission “out of love for Islam.”

 Looks like “love” unfortunately for these Muslim a-holes can go both ways! What’s disgusting about this latest terror attack is that it could’ve easily been prevented, had ISIS terrorists been impeded from spreading their conquest across Europe. It’s truly sickening how in the wake of this terror attack, we still have world leaders demanding more open borders and more refugees, still playing political correctness games with the lives of the very people they were elected to lead.
Over this past week the usual idiots have been at the helm leading the charge for more open borders and more refugees, as Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel met in Germany for a meeting where they lectured the German people about how they need to accept people from these terror-ridden hotbeds, where Obama used the day to bash President Trump, utilizing children and the name of God as a prop for his disgusting rhetoric. We previously reported:

With the bodies of the massacred children of Machester still lay in morgues, Obama hopped on a plane and headed straight to Germany to meet up with his buddy and fellow ISIS lover Angela Merkel, where the duo then held a public event where they disgustingly bashed Trump’s calls for tightening borders, demonizing those in the audience who are still apprehensive about letting more “refugees” into Europe.

Obama in true form then used children as a way to get the German people to accept his and Merkel’s propaganda of open borders despite the recent terror attack, where he blasted and demonized anyone wanting a wall as being callous violators of basic human rights.

“We have to push back against those trends that would violate human rights or suppress democracy or restrict individual freedoms,” Obama lectured the Germany crowd. “We can’t isolate ourselves. We can’t hide behind a wall,” he said to cheers from the audience full of morons.

Obama, the man who frequently turned his back on Christians who were being slaughtered by his precious ISIS terrorists throughout his two terms in office, then went into full blasphemy mode, invoking the name of God to further push his rhetoric onto the gullible crowd.

“In the eyes of God, a child on the other side of the border is no less worthy of love and compassion than my own child,” Obama went on. “You can’t distinguish between them in terms of their worth or inherent dignity.”

Merkel’s meeting with Obama “was part of an event at the semi-annual congress of the German Evangelical Protestant Church titled “Being Involved in Democracy: Taking on Responsibility Locally and Globally,” which stressed the role of faith-based organizations,” Western Journalism reported.

 Despite liberals being ISIS terrorists biggest advocate, it’s good to know that we still have good people out there fighting the good fight while giving zero craps about the hurt feelings of Muslims. Kudos to the Royal Air Force for sending this message-wrapped missile straight to ISIS. It’s time the world finally takes a stand. The time for political correctness and pandering to these idiots is finally over.

H/T [Fox News]

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