Pissed Off Texan Just Dropped HILARIOUS Truth Bomb About What He Caught Illegals Doing With Their Free Healthcare! (VIDEO)

The ideological climate has been heated for a while, especially when it comes to talk about immigration and illegal aliens. Considering the fact that the President will not temper his comments anytime soon this will likely not change. Another incident took place that proves that now more than ever.

A customer from an Irving Wal-Mart was caught being videotaped while they complained that foreign aliens were living off of taxpayer dollars of the white working middle class. Of course the mainstream liberal media went nuts.

In the circulated video across social media the person in the video can be heard telling them to go back to the country they came from. The woman who is a foreigner is an American citizen who emigrated from El Salvador over twenty years ago. The altercation began when the customer wanted a white employee to assist him.

Adela, the Hispanic employee, said the following,

It has hurt me a lot because we are working people. We pay our taxes. We have children who study in college.”

Adela works in the optical section of this particular Wal-Mart. It is located near North MacArthur Boulevard near Interstate 635 in Dallas, Texas. When she referred the customer to a doctor who I could provide a prescription he asked for a white employee to assist him. She admits that she said what he was doing was racist.

He reportedly pointed at an African American woman in a wheelchair and said,

“I pay her hospital bills. She’s a foreigner. She came over here. She got sick and fat and obese, and she can’t do anything. She can’t work. But I have to pay her bills. See what I mean? Am I fat and obese? I go to work every day. I pay taxes. All of these foreigners are living off of us good working white people. Yes, I’m just telling you the truth. It’s all right. I know you ain’t leaving. I know you’re here to stay. Y’all should go to your own countries and fix up your own countries.”

Clearly he isn’t the most tactful person. But people who aren’t here legally who use our health care benefits are a drain financially on our society. Especially when they don’t take care of themselves and cost the taxpayers even more.

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