Pissed Parents Learn Disturbing Thing Muslims Are Doing At The School – Obliterate Them In Live Meeting

The past eight years of the Obama administration has turned the education system upside down. Besides Obama giving free education to illegal aliens, the Muslim refugees that he allowed that entered the country under his watch, are now integrated into the schools.

Now for some strange reason, a school in San Diego United District planned to only protect Muslims from being bullied. A legal group along with six parents had enough of it. “It’s our position that the anti-bullying policies should protect all students regardless of ethnicity and affiliation, and they shouldn’t be singling out any religious group for special treatment, as they seem to be doing here,” said Charles LiMandri, President and chief counsel for the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund. He helped with filing the lawsuit in Federal court on behalf of the parents.

My observance of the past eight years showed that the separation between church and state clause was one-sided, especially toward Christians and religious Jews. Progressive atheist have such a hatred for Christians that they are willing to shove Islam down their throats. This is something to really think about. With this law that was put in effect to only protect Muslim students, what were the Muslim students able to do towards Christian and Jewish students, especially since many are refugees. The anti-bullying plan should be for all students not just Muslim. Something doesn’t seem right with the current law and not only should the school be sued but the school staff should be investigated for such a strange law that singles out non-Muslim students. With the global war on radical Islam, and Barrack Obama’s lax policies still intact, this could set up non-Muslim students to be terror victims.

Via San Diego Tribune:

In April, trustees in the districts voted to create a policy that would protect Muslim students from bullying by, among other steps, increasing lessons about Islam.

Students already learn about Islam and other religions as part of a social studies curriculum set by the state, but additional lessons could be added to create a better understanding of the religion, district staff members explained.

LiMandri and others who have objected to the policy said they are concerned the lessons could cross the line separating church and state.

The anti-bullying policy is part of a larger effort the district has adopted to make campuses safe for all students. Anti-bullying policies also have been created for LGBT students and students who are Native American and Latino.

The latest anti-bullying step was the first to focus on a religion and was sparked by a 2015 Council for American-Islamic Relations Report that found 55 percent of American Muslim students surveyed in California had said they were bullied because of their religion.

The district didn’t have data about how many of those incidents happened in its schools, but a report to the board in April did note that there were seven incidents of bullying between July 1 to Dec. 31, 2016, although it didn’t specify which religion was targeted.

“That’s a relatively small number and it does not warrant or justify a wholesale change in the school district or its curriculum,” LiMandri said. “It appears to us that this is a politically correct type of solution looking for a problem,” he continued. “If Muslim students are being bullied, stop the bullying. But you don’t need to implement a program that is favoring Muslim students or one religion over another.”

LiMandri has been involved in other high-profile, cultural touchstone issues. He was vocal supporter of Proposition 8, the 2008 California initiative that banned same-sex marriage, which was later overturned in court. He’d also been defender of the cross on Mount Soledad.
No representative of the school district would comment on the lawsuit Tuesday, but others had previously addressed concerns with the policy some people had raised.

Stan Anjan, executive director of Family and Community Engagement at the district, has said the district is not favoring Muslim students, but trying to ensure they are given equal protection.

“San Diego Unified does not favor any religion over another,” he wrote in an e-mail to The San Diego Union-Tribune in February. “We welcome all students from all faiths within our school community.”

LiMandri said parents and his law firm have other problems with the district’s actions, including its partnership with the Council for American-Islamic Relations, which he said has a mission “to change American society and advance radical Islam.”

“Of particular concern is the School District’s active collaboration with CAIR, which has longstanding, verified ties to radical Islam,” LiMandri said in a statement released Tuesday.

LiMandri also wrote that several of CAIR’s top executives have been convicted of terror-related crimes.

Finally, we have a President that understands the enemy of humanity and gives power back to law and order, and now the parents are speaking out. Progressives need to realize that the Constitution does not only apply to them, but to all Americans. Justice is being served in the San Diego United District. Make Education Great Again.

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David Weissman is an American-born Jew living in Israel. He is a US Army veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan as a Chaplain.

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