Playboy’s Recent Feature Has Muslims RAGING When They See Woman’s Head… Her Life is in Danger


LOL! People are ticked off about this. I find it absolutely hilarious…

PLAYBOY the name of a franchise that immediately pushes thoughts towards immodest nakedness and sexual content… has a hijab wearing woman in a recent issue.

Not just some random woman wearing a hijab either, an ACTUAL known Muslim woman…

Muslims…who have to cover their entire body because immodesty is grounds for “OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!”

Playboy, Muslim … never thought those two words would be in the same sentence.

Does no one see the IRONY in that!? The HUMOR!?

Apparently, not many do…there are many from both sides of the table, Muslims, and non-Muslims that are pretty much fuming out of their ears like a classic looney tunes character.

That’s what this is… LOONEY!

It’s an edition of Playboy that has been dubbed “The Renegades”

Which… LOL, that’s yet another joke! Check out the definition for renegade below:


A person who leaves one group, religion, etc., and joins another that opposes it.
Someone or something that causes trouble and cannot be controlled.


Not exactly ‘Sharia Law’ friendly right?

The Renegades” feature was not solely about Islam or Muslim women. The issue features a series of single-minded men and women, selected to challenge the way readers think about business, music, porn, comedy, gaming, and more. “They’ve risked it all — even their lives — to do what they love, showing us what can be accomplished if we break the rules,” according to Playboy.

This hijab-clad woman is an American journalist. Her name is Noor Tagouri, and her gracing the pages of a Playboy issue is getting a HUGE response. It’s a first in the history of Playboy, which… whatever.

However, the irony goes even further…

In this issue, Tagouri makes a case for modesty during her interview. MODESTY and PLAYBOY…. heh?!

Muslims and more are not excited about seeing a hijab in this Playboy issue. Muslims are ticked she’s disgracing the hijab on such a well known point of porn addiction magazine, and others are pissed because apparently Playboy is an “American classic” and how dare Islam varnish it…

There is literally an uproar about this situation and personally I find it ridiculous. It’s flipping Playboy, they are like the Madonna of magazines. You can’t predict what they are going to do next, and now it doesn’t even matter they are old and washed up…but too stubborn to enjoy their prestige years so they keep trying to break new barriers…and instead just FLOP. I mean, have you seen the article about Madonna going topless to make people vote for Hillary yet?

What the hell people… you all need Jesus.