Police and Firemen Attacked By MUSLIMS for entering ‘No-go Zone’ Then 150 Civilians Get Revenge



On Christmas Eve, two firefighters and a police officer were injured while on duty when they were ambushed by a gang of Muslim thugs in a “no-go zone.” When the community heard of the brutal assault right before the sacred holiday, 150 of them headed to the local mosque to show the Muslim community that their supremacy will not be tolerated.

Firefighters and police were injured during an Islamic riot on the eve of Christ’s birth, the same day designated by the Muslim world as Muhammad’s birthday. Like all Islamic holy days, many Muslims celebrated by brutalizing unbelievers and rioting, so authorities were forced to respond to one of the “no-go zones” that the left still claims do not exist.

The French authorities barely escaped with their lives, and this was the final straw for angry citizens in the area who are exhausted by the constant demanding and rioting by the Sharia community.

The Telegraph reports that as soon as civilians heard about the attack, at least 150 people flocked to the city government building on the French island of Corsica on Christmas Day to protest the left’s unfettered import of Muslim refugees and migrants.

They shouted slogans in Corsican meaning “Arabs get out!” or “This is our home!”

Feeling that they weren’t getting their government’s attention well enough, protestors headed to a nearby mosque and unleashed the same fury that the island has endured from Islamists. The group destroyed the prayer room, smashing the glass door, ransacking the property, and burning Qurans in the street, according to France 24.

After Muslims Attack Police And Fireman, 150 Civilians Take Justified Revenge

The local prayer room was ransacked and vandalized, giving Muslims a taste of their own medicine.

Of course, instead of standing with the majority and condemning the rising attacks on French authorities just one month after the country’s Paris terrorist attacks that killed 130, French interior minister denounced the destruction on the mosque as “racism and xenophobia.” Read More

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