Ferguson, MO – After almost a week of helping to protect private properties in Ferguson, the all-volunteer group called the Oath Keepers have been ordered by St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar to cease their efforts and leave the Ferguson area.

As reported by local news Fox2Now, Chief Belmar cited an irrelevant city ordinance as his reason to order the highly qualified volunteers to stop assisting residents and business owners in protecting their private property. He claims the ordinance prevents anyone from securing a building or conducting a security operation without a St. Louis County license.

Sam Andrews, the leader and spokesman for the Oath Keepers, maintains that the ordinance does not apply to them because they have not received pay for their services and are there with the permission of the property owners. The group plans on filing an injunction against the order and have no plans of leaving the area at this time. They have instead chosen to remain and have incorporated themselves on the streets amongst the protesters.

According to Mr. Andrews, the qualifications for being an Oath Keeper are very stringent and the group is composed of current and former professionals in fields ranging from law enforcement, Department of Defense contractors, EMT’s,  U.S. Armed Forces and Government Intelligence, all of whom have been properly vetted.OathKeepers6-e1417544789540

One has to wonder who exactly is pulling Chief Belmar’s strings, in order for him to blatantly step on the rights of the Oath Keepers’ volunteers as well as those of the private citizens who have requested their help.

Police Chief Illegally Orders Oath Keepers OUT of Ferguson. THIS Could be Why

The Oath Keepers have indeed been effective in protecting property and the residents that dwell within those buildings by extinguishing Molotov cocktails and fending off looters with their security preparations, as well as with their mere presence. It seems not only irrational and counter-productive that they would be ordered to cease their efforts, but it also reeks of  nefarious political motivation.

Perhaps that alleged political motivation could also be linked with the fact that National Guard troops were deliberately kept out of Ferguson on the first night of the riots, seemingly so that the most damage possible could be carried out unhindered.

Many people believe it is entirely conceivable that our federal government is behind this most recent action to keep Ferguson as vulnerable as they can without drawing so much scrutiny from the public as to make it obvious. Otherwise, why would the Police Chief have waited almost a week to order the Oath Keepers out, when initially it seemed as if their assistance was welcomed?

Were “the powers that be” searching the dregs of local legislation to find any excuse, no matter how flimsy and unconstitutional, to neutralize the Oath Keepers’ vigilant protection of Ferguson citizens and their private property? Why do you suppose our government would not want this city legally protected to the fullest extent possible?

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