Police Chief Loses It When Asked About Black Lives Matter Protester’s Complaints About Him Being “Disrespectful” (WATCH)

From Right Wing News

Black Lives Matter protesters have caused a lot of anti-police hostility to flourish. So it’s not surprising that a police chief would not be happy to be asked about it.

Police Chief loses his patience when asked question he feels is too PC, and what follows really shocked the media. Is the Police Chief spot on in his statement or was he out of line to talk like that?

Posted by Trevor Donovan on Saturday, March 26, 2016


There are much more pressing matters the media could choose to be reporting on than this, like actual crime for example. Instead, they feed into anti-cop hatred. Shame on them.

“For God and Country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo……..Geronimo E.K.I.A.” -U.S. Navy SEAL VI

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