The Facebook page for the Sheriff Deputies of Ohio has recently released quite the shocking photo depicting what appears to be a large toy gun. While the picture itself might not seem very shocking, the description, however, paints quite the different picture as they explain that it’s actually a fully functional shotgun disguised as a toy.

The photo, upon first glance, appears to be that of a Super Soaker squirt gun, leaving many wondering as to why it would be on a police Facebook page. Upon further inspection, the description reads, “This is a fully functional shotgun, disguised to look like a toy. I suspect that we’ll be seeing more and more of this. Be careful out there. 1*”

A note worth mentioning here is that the individuals that run the page state, “[O]ur page is not affiliated in any way with any LE organization or group. We are a couple of Ohio Deputy Sheriffs and the opinions we state are ours and ours alone. We are here for cops and LE supporters.”

Although the page is not directly affiliated with an Ohio police department, it does consist of members from within it. Given this reality, they decided to make the public aware of the everyday threats they come up against, showing a frightening possibility they must consider when dealing with ‘toy guns.’

CaptureCourtesy of Mad World News

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