UK Police in denial about honor killings, afraid it’s ‘racist’ to speak out against barbaric Islam


From BizPac Review/Daily Caller News Foundation

So called honor-based violence in Muslim households in the U.K. go unnoticed because the police are unwilling to act, leaving teenage girls to die, according to a new report.

Police officers are scared of being labeled “racist” for intervening on young girls’ claims that they get abused at home for not living in accordance with Muslim values. All but three of the 43 police departments in England and Wales could only to “some extent” protect and support the victims, according to the report from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary.

The Muslim girls interviewed said the police live in denial about the existence of honor-based violence or fear that investigations may come across as “culturally insensitive” in the age of political correctness.

“They are too scared of coming across as racist,” one of the interviewed victims said. “They need a dedicated team, who really understand the different cultures.” Read More

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