Police Horses Attacked And Injured At Trump Rally By Liberal Aggressors

Violence at a recent Donald Trump rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico put seven police horses in danger. The departments horses had to be checked by veterinarians both at night and again in the morning. One horse, seen in the picture, received substantial bruising to the legs but returned to work the same day.

The officers who were riding the horses had minor injuries and are set to return to work. Approximately four people were arrested in relation to these events.

A 30 year old woman was arrested for disorderly conduct, a 19 year old was also arrested on the same charge. A few under aged juveniles were also cited. About twelve more people had to be escorted out of the event and property as a result of their actions.

Some took to Twitter in response to the events. “Rocks being thrown at the police and the horses at a Trump rally. A horse knocked on its side in New Mexico last night. Where’s PETA??” said one follower.

Another expressed outrage, “@peta WHAT will U do abt this!!!?? Rioters in Albq NM did this 2 police horse. Will U turn UR head? This is shameful.”

The convention center where Trumps event took place was hit the hardest. Their was approximately $10,000 in property damage not including further damage undocumented throughout the city. A convention center entrance was seen shattered. It is expected that more arrests will be made as a result of the damage and violence.

The horse was allegedly going to be put down because of a broken leg. The police department clarified that Stryker, the horse in the picture, is perfectly fine.

It’s a sad that people are up in arms about bumps and bruises on horses more so than they are about violence against law enforcement.


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