POLICE OFFICER “AMBUSHED” And SHOT IN NECK In St. Louis County During Traffic Stop – In Critical Condition

The Ballwin Police Chief Kevin Scott of Minnesota reported a police officer was ambushed and shot in the neck. The St. Louis County Police Chief and the St. Louis County Executive addressed the public in a speech for the media at a news conference at police headquarters yesterday afternoon.

Scott indicated the attack began at a traffic stop on the 300th block of New Ballwin Road where the officer had pulled the vehicle over. He got out of his patrol car and walked towards the vehicle to have a conversation with the driver. When the officer walked back to his car his back was turned and the driver chose to get out of his vehicle. The driver fired three rounds hitting the officer once, that we know of. But it’s been reported he was shot in the neck three times.

Police Chief Belmar said,

We believe the Ballwin officer was ambushed. Period.”

The driver ran from the scene of the crime away fleeing northbound on the same road.

The suspect was on foot near Manchester and Highway 141 which is west of St. Louis. He was eventually captured and taken into police custody. Allegedly, he was driving an older-model blue Ford Taurus. The officer remains in critical condition.

Social media users posted some heartbreaking, and disturbing tweets.

Peoples true colors show during times of adversity and tragedy. These social media comments show the keyboard courage some cowards have by denigrating the good officers sworn to serve and protect them. Fortunately, law enforcement officials have received a wide array of support from the community in the wake of the largest attack on law enforcement since the September 11th attacks almost fifteen years ago.

What do you think about all these cop killers and online thugs speaking negatively about police officers?! Sound off your opinion in the comment section below.

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