Police Officer Deaths up 1,000 Percent This Year…Surprised?

From Louder with Crowder


With the rise in anti-police sentiment comes the rise of police officer deaths. No, I’m not drawing a direct correlation… except yes I am. Just a little bit. The media has been non-stop spreading this false narrative that white police officers are offing innocent black people any chance they get. Is it any wonder that officer related deaths have risen? Well now we have actual numbers. If the headline seemed too crazy to believe, well… read on, little one. From The Daily Caller:

Gun-related police officer deaths have skyrocketed this year.

Data from the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund shows firearm-related deaths of law enforcement officers are up 1,000 percent. In 2016, at least 11 officers have died in gun-related incidents, but the same time last year, only one officer had died.

Despite the increase in gun-related deaths, the total number of deaths is lower than the same time last year, but that is largely because many more law enforcement officers died in traffic incidents. In 2015, eight officers had been killed in traffic incidents by this time last year, but only two have died so far this year, according to the data.

That last paragraph isn’t super clear. Here’s what it means though: more officers have been shot this year. Probably by criminals who didn’t go through a background check. Because criminals break the law. How many of those criminals thought they were justified because of the police-kill-blacks narrative? We’ll probably never know. How many of them were killed due to being influenced by “Black Lives Matter” activists literally calling for the killing of cops (yes really, click here to hear it)? Again, your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps the perplexing mystery of this staggering spike in anti-police violence (specifically this year) will remain just that…

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Oooooorrr, allow me to put forth a hypothesis: this is what happens when police are maligned in the media as racist scumbags (read OPINION: This is What Happens when You Malign Cops). This is what happens with idiots like Mayor deBlasio or Barack Obama scold officers for being racist, while siding with the victims (who often turn out to be full-on faking the entire story). People begin to feel justified through this perception, and see officers as targets.

Sure, leftists can call it a mystery. I call it an undeniable, statistical trend. One that many Americans, black or white should look to reverse as soon as possible. Then again, I’m just a racist who thinks that all lives matter. Facebook, please don’t ban me!


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