Police Officer Gets WORST News Of His Life After Getting Soaked By AIDS Infested Man’s Urine

Police Officer Gets WORST News Of His Life After Getting Soaked By AIDS Infested Man’s Urine

A man from Ohio was arrested and is now facing felony charges after he threw a carton of milk that contained HIV positive infected urine at a detention officer. It took place in Council Bluffs. The man is 52-year-old Charles Perkins of Youngstown, Ohio.

He is charged with assault by bodily fluids or secretion. This is a class D felony that carries a five year prison sentence if convicted. At a preliminary hearing his bond was set at $10,000.

When the assault took place he was in the Pottawattamie County Jail when outside police officers had to arrive to the scene. The suspect had issues earlier in the day with other inmates prior to the assault. The deputy said,

Perkins advised he had filled a milk carton with urine and was going to try to throw it on the other inmate through his tray slot in his door.”

Perkins threw the urine at the detention officer when the officer opened the tray pass door to give out medication to the inmates. That is when the inmate saw his opening. Because he is HIV positive the officer had to be tested for the disease.

With HIV, any type of exposure can lead to getting to the disease so an immediate response is necessary. A spokeswoman said they could neither confirm nor deny whether the officer contaminated tested positive or negative. His public defender has refused to comment on the entire ordeal.

Their is nothing more vile and disgusting than this type of crime. Hopefully he serves the maximum amount of time the law allows. Since he is already a convicted offender he will likely be charged with an even higher sentence because of his long rap sheet. Good riddance. Some people you should really lock them up and throw away the key.

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