Rogue Police Officer Stands With Illegals To Defy Trump — Finds Out What A BAD Idea That Was!

A Texas police officer went full stupid when he posted a now-viral video telling the entire world that his department doesn’t follow immigration laws.

How? Stupid? Can? You? Be?

Officer Daniel Segura could be the reason his city loses funding if they’re found to be harvesting illegal immigrants and not following the proper protocol when they encounter one, especially the criminal illegal immigrants.

Sanctuary cities are about to be defunded, so if they’re acting like one, or they are one, they better shape up before their money ships out.

Officer Segura posted this video on Facebook and his message is very anti-Trump and anti-follow the law. Kinda funny that he IS the law, but he’s saying they don’t follow it. Not too smart, right?

The video is in Spanish. Below is a rough translation highlighting the major points.

Fox 4 News reports – “If you are the victim of a crime, we don’t care about your immigration status. You have the same rights as anyone else who lives in Fort Worth,” Segura said in the video. “We are going to defend you. We are going to protect you.”

But during the nearly six-minute video, there was a part of it that got the longtime liaison to the Hispanic community and department spokesperson in trouble.

“In the City of Fort Worth for many, many years, we have not enforced immigration laws. We are not federal officials that can enforce federal immigration laws. I want to make that very, very clear,” he said. “We, in Fort Worth, do not execute or enforce laws on immigration so that people that live in Fort Worth do not have the fear that we can possibly deport them. That is not true.”


Segura’s video caught the attention of his department and they issued a scathing rebuke: “The Fort Worth Police Department enforces all laws and protects all its citizens and is not a sanctuary city. The video was not intended to represent the views of the City of Fort Worth on immigration or compliance with immigration policies.”

This wasn’t a very smart video to make because it might lead them to lose funding which could essentially cut jobs and make people scramble for work to keep the roof over their head. They would have to thank Officer Segura if that happens.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott just cut $1.8 in law enforcement funding for the city of Austin because the new sheriff refused to cooperate with federal immigration officials. Abbott is looking for other funds to cut, also. Fort Worth could be next.

If you’re the victim of a crime, then technically you shouldn’t have anything held against you because the person committing the crime is the criminal. One might argue that if the criminal didn’t commit a crime against you, then no one would know you’re an illegal immigrant. But you are, so you’re a criminal too.

I can argue that I don’t want my tax dollars spent on police to protect anyone who isn’t paying taxes or contributing somehow. I wouldn’t say that. I know some immigrants contribute more than some of our lazy entitled Americans. It would be a case by case basis for me. Lazy bum crook? Get out! Hardworking landscaper? You’re cool.

Some people might argue to me that if there’s illegal immigrants stealing American jobs.

Let me tell you this – if someone who barely speaks English steals your job, then you’re the problem.

If you’re no good at the job, then why would someone spend more money to hire you, when they could save a few bucks and get the job done right?

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