Police Release Bodycam Footage Of White Teen Being Shot – WHERE’S BLM??? – VIDEO


Let’s face it…. WHITE LIVES don’t matter. They just don’t. That’s why this fatal shooting by police isn’t on the BLM radar despite the parents of Dylan Noble insisting that their son was killed unjustly…because this guy was just white. Sorry parents, no press conference for you. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Barack Obama are staying home for this one… good luck.

Okay so the chief of the Fresno Police Department, Jerry Dyer, actually released the body-camera video footage of officers fatally shooting an unarmed Noble. Even Chief Dyer said the footage is “extremely disturbing” to watch, but he hoped it would clarify why officers stopped Noble on June 25 and eventually open fire.

The WHOLE video begins with a little police chase and the officers suspect Noble of being armed. They finally get him over and then instruct him to show both of his hands. He only puts one out but keeps his right hand safely hidden. They make the request over and over and Noble refuses to follow instructions. What happens when you don’t follow instructions from police officers? Yes, that’s right you increase your risk of being shot.

Now mind you… Noble was white, so he didn’t get pulled over because he was black, and didn’t get shot because he was black. This is a procedural shooting. Very much like past death by deadly force events that have become the keystones of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Watch this portion video for yourself… (Warning: Graphic)

Parents say their son’s death was unjust, police say he didn’t follow orders… BLM isn’t protesting!

If white lives don’t matter to them, then they truly ARE racists. What do you think?

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