Police Release Footage of Muslim Terror Attack At Minnesota Mall As Media Scrambles To Hide It! (VIDEO)

September 17th marked a handful of failed Islamist attacks. There were the explosives that detonated in NJ and NYC, which injured 29 in total during the NYC blast, but killed no one.

On that day, a Kenyan born man in Minnesota also attacked to carry out an attack with a machete – but it quickly turned out that he had brought a knife to a gunfight, and an off-duty police officer, NRA member, and concealed carry class instructor was there to quickly send him to hell. A total of ten people were injured, but luckily no one died besides the attacker.

Now, the video footage is out. Stearns County Attorney Janelle Kendall showed 3 surveillance videos from inside Crossroads Center. One video showed the stabbing of a shopper, another showed shoppers running and a store employee closing a security screen before the terrorist could get inside, and a third showed the shooting of the attacker by the aforementioned off duty officer.

The terrorist allegedly asked the officer if he was Muslim. The officer replied said he was a cop and ordered the terrorist to drop the two steak knives he was holding. The terrorist then charged at the officer is promptly shot. The terrorist continued two crawl toward the officer with a knife in his hand even after being shot. He tried to get up multiple times and was shot several more times. Kendall said ten rounds were fied, striking the target six times.

Here’s the video, courtesy of Live Leak:

Can someone start creating bacon-infused bullets to act as a better deterrent against future attempted acts of terrorism?

If Allah is on their side, he’s not offering much help. This attacker was blown away faster than he could say “Allah Akbar,” and he didn’t get as much as a single kill to show for it.


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