Police Respond To Altercation, They Were Shocked At What This Muslim Was Holding In His Hands


More of Obama’s “moderate Muslims” committing acts of terror, this time on cop. Trump is right, we need to ban all Muslim immigration. Better yet, send all the ones here back to the third-world terror havens they came from.

Mad World News reports:

Deputy Katie Barnes was called out to an apartment complex in Deerfield Township, Ohio after 911 dispatch received a phone call regarding a family fight. Although it is currently unknown what started the family dispute, the situation took a turn as 19-year-old Mohammed Abdou Laghaoui punched his father in the face and left.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, he would later return, but he didn’t come empty handed. According to reports, Laghaoui had brought an AK-47 with him and demanded his family let him back in the house so he could finish things once and for all.

When they denied him access, the crazed Muslim began shooting through the door, striking his father in the hand. It was just about that time that Deputy Barnes came rolling up, but Laghaoui wasn’t going down without a fight.

Reports indicate that the Muslim fired several shots at the responding officer with one round striking her in the gun belt, grazing her lower abdomen. Laghaoui took off running and led police on a 7-hour manhunt involving officers, helicopters, and dogs.

Mohammed Abdou Laghaoui’s mugshot after being arrested
Mohammed Abdou Laghaoui’s mugshot after being arrested

After getting out of the line of fire, Barnes, who in college was a star soccer player, climbed a wall, and called for backup. Another deputy, while driving by, heard the gunfire, and pulled into the apartment complex. He found the heavily bleeding Barnes & got her away from the scene.

Deputy Barnes was a college soccer star, and played professionally before joining the Warren County Sheriff's Department
Deputy Barnes was a college soccer star, and played professionally before joining the Warren County Sheriff’s Department

A neighbor, Jason Ratliff, had gone outside to check out what was going on. He thought the gunshots were fireworks. He saw Mohammed, but not his gun. He asked him how he was doing, and Mohammed opened fire. Ratliff dove to the ground as Mohammed fired again. Mohammed then ran. Ratliff escaped without injury.

A massive manhunt ensued.

Warren County tactical units staged to find Mohammed
Warren County tactical units staged to find Mohammed – JIM NOELKER / STAFF

mohammed abdou laghaoui

Mohammed was captured 7 hours later.

The good news is, Deputy Barnes is expected to survive. The bad news? Mohammed was captured alive.

Mohammed appeared in court last Monday. Bail was set at $2 million. He is being charged with attempted murder and felonious assault.

morocco-mapAccording to a friend, Mohammed lived in Morocco before coming to America. The Pew Forum reports religious affiliation in Morocco as being 99.9% Islamic. BareNakedIslam reported Mohammed as being a Muslim.

Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell told Dayton Daily News that it was “too early to comment” on whether this was a terrorist attack.

Mohammed’s passport, several computers, and ammunition were seized, Dayton News reported Tuesday. Mohammed was preparing to leave Ohio when the attack occurred. It’s unknown if he was planning a terror attack in another state. The Orlando terror attack took place 3 days later.

Deputy Barnes was a professional soccer player, and according to WCPO Cincinnati, a “member of the U.S. national team pool.”

By Jeff Rainforth
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