Police Reveal Identities Of FL Mass Shooting Of Kids; Here’s Why Media Is Silent

To liberals, tragedies only matter if they can be used to further a political narrative.

A mass public shooting? A perfect opportunity to push for gun control. If a black church is shot up by a nutjob like Dylan Roof, it allows them to kill two birds with one stone, pushing a narrative about racism and gun control. And you know they let out a sigh when it’s reported that an unarmed man was shot by police – and the man turned out to be white.

The American public’s perception of the world couldn’t be any more incorrectly altered by the liberal media. While gun homicides (per 100,000 people) have fallen like a rock, being cut in half since 1993, most Americans believe that gun violence is increasing. It’s not hard to see why. Reporting on gun violence has continued to increase while actual gun violence has decreased.

Recently, a group of shooters killed two and injured another seventeen at a Florida nightclub – but you probably didn’t hear too much about the shooting, or the suspects.

Via The Federalist Papers

Because it’s not an attack against gays, or a police shooting or a racially motivated attack, the media will move on to the next tragedy they can hype.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office has released the names of three men who were arrested close to the Club Blu scene after running from authorities.

Deputies said Derrick Church, 19, was driving and tried to run over a deputy, who shot Church in the abdomen. Church was treated and released from the hospital before being arrested.

Demetrius O’Neal, 19, and Tajze Battle, 22, were also in the car and ran from law enforcement. The three men are not being called suspects yet, their charges stemming from resisting arrest.

Demetrius O'NealTajze Akiir Battlederrick church

Church, O’Neal and Battle are all black. The victims are black.

This doesn’t fit the narrative that all mass shooters are white bigots or cops (or both). It’s a “black-on-black” crime. And they don’t exist.

See. Blacks don’t kill other blacks. And if they do, nobody cares about it. So we can’t talk about it. We can’t even say “black on black crime.”
You won’t see Barack Obama make a comment about this shooting … how if he had a son, it would look just like one of the victims. You won’t see Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson race down there and demand justice.

Do the lives of the dead matter to groups like Black Lives Matter? Of course not.

Liberals care about black lives when they can exploit them to push political narratives – and not much else.

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