Police Seize Disabled Veteran’s Firearms Over False Allegations


From Controversial Times:  A gun collection that took a disabled Navy veteran a lifetime to build was seized from him with the swipe of a judge’s pen. And a lot of police.

Rick Bailey, 56, has contentious relationship with his neighbor Dustin Moss. The source of confrontation between the two men is a landscaping issue over the past few months.

Days ago, Rick called police to report the smell of toxic chemicals coming from Moss’s home. The next day, Moss went to the courthouse and filed a restraining order claiming Baily had threatened to shoot him and “stuff me in a dump truck” months earlier.

Despite no reports of this threat to police in the three months since it happened, and no verification, Glendale City Court Judge Baxter granted the restraining order – and took the extra step of ordering that Rick cannot own firearms.

That’s how the police ended up on Rick’s door seizing a collection of 28 firearms worth more than $25,000. Included among the collection was a World War II M1 Garand and a Winchester 1897 pump shotgun.

Here’s a copy of the paperwork including the judges mark ordering Rick’s firearms rights to be suspended:

Rick plans to fight the order at a follow up hearing in 30 days. Until then, his disarmed with a pissed of neighbor. Thanks, judge.

—Courtesy of Controversial Times

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