Police Sergeant Fired for Flying Confederate Flag at Home

A police sergeant was reportedly fired from his job after flying the confederate flag. Another win for the progressive liberals trying to take our freedom of speech and expression away from us.

AJC reported,

“A Roswell police sergeant who was fired from her job this month for flying the Confederate battle flag in front of her house is appealing her termination and said Tuesday she had no idea the flag was controversial.

In an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, former police sergeant Silvia Cotriss said she had been flying the battle flag below the American flag in front of her Woodstock house for more than a year with no complaints from neighbors or passersby. So she was surprised the week of July 11, when detectives with the department’s internal affairs division notified her that she was being investigated for conduct unbecoming an officer on or off duty.

“If I knew it offended someone, my friends, my family, I wouldn’t do it,” Cotriss told the AJC. “Police officers have to adjust a lot of things in our lives, and for 20 years my whole life has been about making change and being held to a higher standard. We take an oath to help and protect people, so we can’t have a private life that’s really bad.”

Roswell Police Chief Rusty Grant declined Tuesday to comment on the case. “We don’t comment on personnel issues,” Grant said. “The (personnel) file stands as it is.”

The controversy over the confederate flag arose again over the past few years. Many argue it should be taken down as it promotes a symbol of racism while others argue it’s something cultural and not racist and thus shouldn’t be removed or prohibited from showing.

Regardless of the meaning behind it no one can deny that firing someone over their freedom to fly a flag, their freedom of expression is downright unconstitutional.

Comment below about whether you think it’s right she got fired for her actions or not.

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