Here is How Police in Tempe, Arizona Dealt with BLM THUGS Blocking the Street!


Don’t lie to me: you’ve all fantasized about doing this.

Perhaps the most counterproductive thing that radical groups like Black Lives Matter do is their protests where they block off highways. I don’t know who they possibly think this will convince to come to their side. Do they think anyone stuck in traffic for hours on end is going to end up rushing out to join the Black Lives Matter movement.

Well, they’re still at it.

Phoenix activist Rev. Jarrett Maupin led about 50 protesters across the Mill Avenue Bridge in Tempe on Monday, blocking traffic in what Maupin said was a protest of two police shootings of African-Americans in Arizona. The protesters marched across the center of the bridge from Mill Avenue and then back again. The march took about an hour.

Protesters chanted  “Whose streets? Our streets!” and continued to walk down the middle of the road. As you might have guessed, the streets weren’t really theirs, and police quickly intervened. Politistick reported:

Based upon how Tempe Police handled those who blocked the streets, they may want to rethink their plan to bully their way into getting what they want.

When ‘protesters’ were instructed several times to get out of the road and stop blocking the streets and didn’t comply, they were taken into custody in handcuffs. Police announced over the megaphone that anyone who remained in the street would be arrested.



Tempe Police tweeted that Maupin was indeed taken into custody after several commands to cease impeding a public thoroughfare.

Two more people were taken into custody after refusing to comply with commands to get out of the street.

It looks like the third time was the charm in police convincing people that they meant business. After the third arrest, the people began to get on the sidewalk.

It’s about time these protesters start facing serious charges for pulling stunts like this. There are always arrests made, but these sorts of protests keep springing up on a regular basis. Let’s squash them completely already!