Police Thwart Ambush Plan In Columbus, Ohio

Columbus: police stop a planned lure and ambush in which a suspect had plans to murder police officers.

The suspect fired random shots into town, hoping to lure police officers to the location, then the suspect planned to open fire on the officers as they arrived. Cops took him into custody after he tried to flee.


FEDERALIST PAPERS – No one was killed or wounded at the scene. Nonetheless, the attempt took place.

The streets are becoming more and more dangerous for police officers every day. It does not appear to be getting better any time soon. But hopefully communities will stand up to this senseless murder and violence.

Some have, and more should follow suit so that relations between citizens and police can be healed and not further damaged.

There’s a very unsettling emotion of hatred towards police officers traveling the United States. What people forget is that police are not the bad guy. Police sign up to serve and protect and they will always come when you call for help, no matter what color, sex, or gender you claim. Police officers will always do the job.

For example, police officers in the Dallas sniper attack rushed to save civilians, most of whom were Black Lives Matter supporters who claim to hate cops. So if Dallas police were racist or pick and chose who they served, then it certainly wasn’t apparent that day. Numerous police officers lost their life protecting Black Lives Matter protesters. Isn’t that a good enough example of how cops aren’t racist and always do their job.

There they were, getting spit at, things thrown at them, disrespected, and they still protected people and saved lives. That deserves respect and loyalty from our country.

It’s time to STOP thinking the police are bad guys. The police are the GOOD GUYS.

What we need to realize is that sometimes WE are the bad guys. We’re the ones with the nasty attitude. We’re the ones speeding on the highway, selling drugs, robbing stores, hurting innocent people, etc.

We are the problem.

Once we stop committing crimes, then we won’t need police. If police have no one to arrest for terrible or lame crimes, then what? If we slow down on the road and they have no tickets to write, then what?

Remember folks, we’re the problem. We need to fix ourselves and stop giving police a hard time every time WE mess up. This is a general statement encapsulating everyone and anyone reading this. In particular, people who give cops a hard time and call everything racist, when it really isn’t. Playing the race card is what the media wants you to do, so Al Sharpton can race bait people and trick everyone into hating each other. He leeches off his own people. If that’s not downright disgusting, then I don’t know what is.

Don’t listen to the mainstream media.

They call EVERYTHING racist, but the truth is – people really aren’t that racist.

Cops are the good guys.

Let’s remember that.

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