(DC Clothesline) In Florida, a state where an entire police department was recently let go for coming out against corrupt cops, police recently utilized nearly every single tool at their disposal to find a mere cigarette thief.

The police in Manate County, Florida recently sent out helicopters, K9 Units, and squad cars full of officers out to catch 18-year-old Shaquielle Olmeda for stealing a pack ofcigarettes out of the hands of an unnamed 43 year-old man.

It obviously is not right for a kid to snatch a pack of cigarettes from someone, but to send out that much force to catch an 18 year-old for doing that is completely absurd, and goes to show how that much force simply cannot be trusted in a police force that obeys laws originating from a centralized power, the US Government.

The kid was caught in a mall parking lot after cops completely surrounded the area he wasin, ‘making a perimeter’. He was arrested without further incident and it is not clear whathe was charged with exactly.

If a police department were to receive tens of thousands of dollars in military gear fromPentagon Program 1033, and they used it as this department did, we would all be in trouble.

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