Policeman’s Wife Pens POWERFUL Letter: ‘He Will Still Be There For You…’

Imagine, everyday your spouse leaving for work, and everyday, never knowing if they will be returning home, or if you will ever see them again. Now imagine, yourself having to go to work each day, and each time you kiss and hug your family before leaving, you have to say good-bye like it’s the last time you’ll ever see them. A life where every day alive is a blessing that is VERY real to you.

Could you do it?

Would you?

If so, you are a hero.

But, the truth is. Heroes are not trained, they are born. Born through the struggle of trial that gives them determination. Endurance that is bestowed upon them through pain and suffering. Compassion that is instilled in them from service to others they give freely because…that’s just what good guys and gals do.

Now our own heroes who have chosen to protect and serve us, are under attack. Do you see them fighting back? Do you see them giving up their mission to protect us? Do you hear them murmur because of the injustice being done to them when it’s time to do their job? No. Why? Because heroes are also vessels of humility, that is what separates them from your average man or woman. They don’t care who is right, they only care WHAT is right.

So you may not hear it from them, but you most definitely will get some of the brutal truth from their loved ones. Here is powerful open letter to all of us.

I’m hoping it will shed some light on the truth that Obama and the likes of him want hidden for as long as possible.

A message by the wife of a black police officer has since gone viral in the aftermath of the Dallas shooting, and it was written last year.

From Uniform Stories:

He’s better than me because he’s never cared if you see him for his worth or not. He doesn’t care if you have any respect for him or if you loathe him. He will still be there for you. He will help you. He will save you. He will stand in front of your bullet to save an innocent behind him. I don’t think you’re worth it, and I apologize for not being as good of a person to you as he is.

I’m sorry for not being the person I used to be, but you have made it hard to keep caring about you more than the father of my children, my best friend, my partner in this life.

I’m sorry for allowing you to make me fearful and angry and resentful when I’ve never even met you. I’m sorry for seeing bricks and rocks and trashcans ablaze being hurled at officers on live television and wishing you ill will. I’m sorry for seeing credible threats of violence aimed at officers across this country and, in turn, feeling hatred towards you when I’ve never met you.

I’m sorry for wondering if you would spare my husband for wearing a badge because his skin is black, or if you would target him more because he’s a traitor in your eyes. I’m sorry for allowing myself to be reduced to a person who wonders if race could help keep him alive. I’m sorry to all the other police wives for wondering if that gives him an advantage. I’m weak lately, and I’m sorry for blaming you when it is I who has allowed your hate and your violence and your judgment of my husband to affect me negatively.

I’m sorry that I care more about my husband making it home alive than I care about him dying for you. It didn’t used to be that way. Luckily for you, there are hundreds of thousands of officers who still remember the oath they took. They will not allow other corrupt officers to change who they are nor will they allow a public that increasingly hates them to change how they protect and serve.

The truth is powerful.

There is nothing more to say. I’ll just exit stage right, and call it a day.

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