Polital Correctness Run Amok (As if it didn’t always!)


“In an act town officials are calling a gesture of reconciliation, the Taos Town Council has changed the name of Kit Carson Memorial Park to Red Willow Park.

“[Kit Carson] was atrocious, an Indian killer,” said councilor Fritz Hahn in an interview Wednesday morning (June 11). “This is about reaching out to our vecinos and righting past wrongs.”

This political correctness crap and lack of knowledge of the true history of a very brave man hits very close to home. Too close. Taos is my hometown, the place where I was raised and went to school all the way through graduation. It is an area known for its world class ski resort and skiing, its artist community, and the connection of three cultures; anglo, Spanish and Pueblo Indian. When I lived there it was also known for being ten years behind the times! Apparently, not now, at least with political correctness and the whole white guilt/reconciliation theme that is the liberal/progressive mantra.

Kit Carson Memorial Park has had that name for probably 100 years. Kit Carson and some family members are buried in an old cemetery on the east side that bred stories of ghosts among my grade school friends when we would venture back beyond the main area into the trees and near the cemetery. Later on, I loved to go in and read the headstones and imagine; just like I do today in centuries-old cemeteries that record dates of people who lived, laughed and loved in the same place I am.

It used to be a State park, but now is owned by the Town of Taos so they have rights to change the name. The argument I have with this is that they failed to bring the name change to the people to get their opinions on it. They flat made the decision, citing the “righting” of “past wrongs”. Whatever happened at that point in history was done between those involved and a century later, no one in the area including the wronged peoples need righting of any wrongs. Another point to be made is that if any wrongs should be righted, it should go back much further to the Spaniards of the 1500’s who conquered the Indians from South America on up through northern New Mexico and California.  They forced the Indians to become Catholic and had a class system that left the pure Indians and mestizos on the bottom of the social pile. Someone in a response mentioned Mexicans being married by white men to gain land rights at the time, but the truth is that most of the Hispanic people of Taos are not Mexican in origin but of Spanish and Indian blood. The Spanish or Spanglish spoken there is Castilian in origin and does not relate to the low Spanish spoken in Mexico. There is a difference, and it used to be a matter of pride.

What bothers me is if a small elected town council makes name changes without consulting the citizens, what will they go on to change or order without bringing it to a vote by the citizens? This is just a microcosm of the larger political arena, however, where laws like the Affordable Care Act (or Obama really doesn’t care) are forced down the throats of the citizenry by lawmakers who have decided they know best and try to keep us in the politically correct arena of white guilt, victim-hood, and dependency upon them, because we are too dumb to know what’s best for us. When we do speak up, upsets like Eric Cantor’s loss to a relative unknown happen. When we stay silent, we become prisoners.


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Is a former US Army Officer and graduated from Baylor with a degree in law.