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It’s no secret we live in an overly sensitive culture where people’s feelings get hurt so easily one has to walk on egg shells to prevent someone from being “offended.”

Some of the stuff people get their feathers in a ruffle over is so silly and ridiculous it’s almost nauseating.

Take for example, a high school student in the liberal haven of Massachusetts, who is all up in a tizzy over his school’s “discrimination” by having boys and girls wear different colored graduation robes.

Allow that to sink in a moment before continuing on. Okay, you lingered long enough. Keep reading because this nuttiness gets better.

From MyFoxBoston.Com:

A dispute over graduation gowns has begun at Franklin High School.

At issue is whether all students should wear the same color robes so others aren’t discriminated against.

At the high school’s graduation ceremony, it has been a long running tradition for boys to wear blue gowns and for girls to wear white. But that tradition is changing

“There will be a change, I think,” said Peter Light, the school’s principal. “We have yet to determine what that change looks like.”

The call for change started when members of the school’s Gay Student Alliance organization became concerned with transgender students and gender equality.

There’s so much wrong here it’s hard to know where to start untangling the mess.

Whatever gender you were born as, that’s the gender you are, no matter how many surgeries you might undergo to change that. No matter how feminine or masculine your personality may be, the parts you were born with determine your gender identification. Period.

I know that’s not a popular point of view, but anyone–conservative or liberal–who gets into this kind of career path to be well liked is going to be sorely disappointed.

Having said the above, there’s nothing wrong with distinguishing between genders. In case you haven’t noticed, boys and girls are completely different, no matter how much they have in common. It’s okay for their to be differences. Boys aren’t better than girls, girls aren’t better than boys. All are valuable and make contributions to society.

The big problem with our culture today is that people–especially young folks–make their sexuality or gender their whole identity. Whenever you take something like this and base your whole identity around it, it leads to the kind of shenanigans this high school is experiencing. You become easily offended at something as ridiculous as the color of graduation gowns, because it supposedly insults your identity.

Until we as a culture place our identity in something greater than ourselves, this easily offended society we live in will continue to get worse. As for what we should base our identity in, I’ll allow you to come to that conclusion on your own.
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