National UNREST Continues As Influential Politician Calls On Rioters To Shut Down Trump’s Inauguration

Socialist City Councilwoman in Seattle, Kshama Sawant spent months before the election telling Democrats that “Progressives should not support Clinton,” she said, calling the election a “false choice between a corporate Democrat and a yet more horrifying Republican.”

She was most likely right to tell protesters that Hillary was a warmonger and tool of Wall Street. It’s very clear that Democrats lost the election because Hillary was such a crappy candidate that liberals didn’t show up to vote or voted third party, many thanks to Sawant. Now, fast forward to the days after the election she has switched her sights on President Elect Donald Trump.

So far she has held 2 anti-President Elect rallies. She says that she is ‘horrified’ about Trumps election and has called for a national protest in Washington DC. Her hope it to shut down Trump’s inauguration. She told protesters that there’s a movement against President-elect Trump and that it’s just beginning.

“I think it is our moral and political and historic duty to call for peaceful and powerful protest against Trump’s agenda,” she said.

In a packed post-election rally at Seattle City Hall on Wednesday afternoon, Socialist council member Kshama Sawant called for a massive protest on Wednesday night and a nationwide shutdown on Inauguration Day in response to president-elect Donald Trump.

In the video below she calls for more unrest. Do you believe she should be arrested for inciting shut down of DC? What would it take to shut down the city, violence? One note is the pictures of the Seattle protest shows that the large majority of ‘protesters’ signs are mass manufactured hinting that these protests are far from organic and most likely backed by someone’s money.

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