POLL: Do You Think Welfare ABUSERS Should Be Thrown In JAIL!?

ClashDaily recently posed the question “Do you think that those who abuse the system should be arrested? Or do you think that they need to be given more help from the government?”

Vote in the poll here:

Should Welfare ABUSERS Be ARRESTED? in Freedom Daily 's Hangs on LockerDome

Here are some of those upstanding citizens abusing our welfare system. The woman in the first video brags about no longer having to pay “no more bills:”

And yes – she really did get disappointed when she read that Obama also promised “new jobs.” I guess she’ll be glad he didn’t deliver on that part of the deal.

And if you thought our welfare queens were bad, Australia’s are even worse:

Personally, my only concern is that it’s also expensive to jail welfare abusers – since they’re essentially receiving free housing, food, and healthcare, minus the freedom of living in the outside world. Making them permanently ineligible for government assistance (including Social Security and Medicare) could also be a viable deterrent and punishment.

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