Popular Conservative Governor Issues Blunt 4-Word Message to Muslims… They Won’t Like It


Beloved La. Gov. Bobby Jindal plans to bring a powerful message to a conservative think tank next week in London. His message will rock the Muslim world to their core and separate the good from the bad in rapid fashion.

His 4-word message is one that our Islamic-sympathizing president wouldn’t dare say. Gov. Jindal’s message is simple and direct: “Islam has a problem.”

He’ll also explain at the think tank, known as the Henry Jackson society, that if Muslim leaders are unwilling to call out their own for extremist acts of violence within their religion, then they are part of the problem – a problem that’s killing any unbelievers and unsatisfactory Muslims  in its path without remorse.

Jindal will say, “A so-called religion that allows for and endorses killing those who oppose it is not a religion at all; it is a terrorist movement.”

Those with common sense in America and every other Western country will likely agree with that statement, especially in the wake of the latest set of Islamist terror attacks in Paris.

Gov. Jindal is a reasonable guy. He understands that not every single Muslim out of their 1 billion strong faith encourages radical behavior, but explained that far too many of them do and according to the Washington Times, “that it is clear that they must be stopped.”

It’s encouraging to see Gov. Jindal take this message to a group of people who have some level of influence in shaping our foreign policy. Until congress and our next president get on board and take the fight to the terrorists’ doorstep, this problem will only spiral further out of control.

Perhaps the greatest line out of Gov. Jindal’s prepared remarks was, “It’s not enough to simply condemn violence, they must stand up and loudly proclaim that these people are not martyrs who will receive a reward in the afterlife, and rather they are murderers who are going to hell.”

The only thing that could be more epic than Gov. Jindal delivering that last sentence is if he drops the mic after he says it and walks out.

We applaud him for his strong stance against radical Islam and hope he spreads the message far and wide.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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