Popular Oregon Coffee Shop Forced Out Of Neighborhood For Absolutely Disgusting Reason

Earlier this year a new coffee shop named Weird Wave Coffee was opened in Boyle Heights, California. John Schwartz, Mario Chavarria, and Jackson Defa who own the coffee shop are doing their best to make a difference in the world. The three ambitious men serve coffee from Heart Roasters of Portland, Oregon, and pastries from Homeboy Industries which provides training and support to former gang members or previously incarcerated people. Now, you would think that this would be a good thing, right?

Well, if you thought this would be applauded by the left you would be wrong. You see, the mindless liberal drones in Boyle Heights are trying to shut this little coffee shop down, and the reason why is insane.

There is a fierce battle happening in Boyle Heights currently and who will win is anyone’s guess. Three business owners attempting to make a living and help others down on their luck are facing immense pushback. Every day since the Weird Wave Coffee shop opened there have been protests and petitions signed to have the business closed.

Boyle Heights residents protesting Weird Wave Coffee.

The reason that they are trying to shut down this business is that they feel it is gentrifying the community. What that means is that they feel that white people are coming in to push them out by renovating older homes and opening businesses. That when this accomplished the prices of homes will go up and they will no longer have a place to live.

Defend Boyle Heights recently wrote this on Facebook explaining their reasons for their protest.

“we can’t let Boyle Heights become the new Highland Park, Echo Park or Silverlake! The vast majority – approximately 80-percent renters – can’t afford for that to happen.”

The group continued with their tirade saying, “Things will only escalate. Not because we want them too, but because this is literally a life or death, home or homeless, battle, since the 1990s, Boyle Heights has struggled to get and keep authentically affordable housing. It’s not just about what a dozen of activists want; it’s about what all these residents who organize with all the groups that make up our coalition want.”

The misguided group also added, “say no to Weird Wave Coffee! Stand with the low-income working class majority of Boyle Heights! This isn’t just about coffee; it’s about keeping Boyle Heights affordable! Dile no a los cocos! Gentrifiers are not welcomed in Boyle Heights! Fuera!”
Apparently, the group does not understand economics at all or what the company is even about. The Weird Wave Coffee shop owners released this statement after the group decided to protest them:

“Weird Wave Coffee is a company owned by three individuals committed to a fair and consistent approach to the grassroots enterprise of selling coffee,” explained the owners, adding, “we recognize the role a coffee shop plays in a community, both as an advocate for that community but also as a vendor who’s role in the local economy is impactful. At Weird Wave, our goal is largely to supply incredibly delicious coffee and non-alcoholic beverages to the community.”

John Schwarz, Mario Chavarria, and Jackson Defa, the co-owners of Weird Wave Coffee Brewers.

The statement these owners made was pretty clear that they are not there to harm the community. “Weird Wave’s approach to doing business locally begins and ends with keeping the flow of money inside the community,” they pointed out, noting, “we take special pains to seek out vendors for our products who share our local-first approach.” Despite this, the residents still want them gone.

But, I guess that does not matter to these people or the fact that one of the owners is a Bernie Sanders fan to boot. Sadly though this is not the first time that the group has protested a business and shut it down. Earlier this year, the Boyle Height Defenders shut down an art gallery called PSSST after protesters harassed and made it difficult to fundraise money. “The ongoing controversy surrounding art and gentrification in Boyle Heights caused PSSST to become so contested that we are unable to ethically and financially proceed with our mission,” stated the organizers at the time of the closing.

I don’t know about you but this protest seems pretty ridiculous to me. Could you imagine if the situation was reversed and white people were trying to force out a black owned business? There would riots and protests in the streets, arrests would be made, and a new law passed before anyone could say a thing about it.

These leftist are always screaming that there are not enough job for minorities. But, when a business wants to go into a neighborhood to bring jobs and help those who have been incarcerated or down on their luck it is suddenly racist and wrong.

These business owners just wanted to bring their business into a small neighborhood and offer something new. But, the authoritative left cannot allow that unless they are the ones that make the decision. Which is why trying to make sense of liberals is almost as useless as using an umbrella in a Hurricane. They never make any clear logical points and they are always contradicting themselves with one non-sequitur after another.

This is why conservatives need to push back against the left’s bullying tactics once and for all and stand united against them.

H/T [ LA Weekly ]

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