Vandal Arrested In Portland Anti-Trump Mayhem – Guess What His Name Is?

20-year-old Mateen Abdul Shaheed, was arrested by Portland Police Detectives at an Estacada residence and soon after booked into the Multnomah County Jail.

He has a total of six accounts of “Criminal Mischief” going against him, in the first degree. It is being reported that this guy was involved in SEVERAL acts of vandalism during a protest gone RIOT over the November 10th weekend.

One of those charges, was vandalizing a vehicle on the car lot where it was parked for sale in Broadway Toyota.

These are the stories that are coming out of the protests gone riots.

There is also ANOTHER man who was arrested in Portland for the same problems. He vandalized a vehicle that was blocked in by dozens of protesters and could move.

The most frustrating thing about all of this is the stupidity. There are so many of those so-called protesters on the street that are out there for no reason regarding the election or politics. No. They are out there just to wreak havoc on whatever they can…for fun.

Their misplaced anger is coming out in the name of all things anti-Trump. The damage the are doing has nothing to do with them trying to prove a point and everything to do with them just being savage human beings that didn’t get enough discipline growing up. They do not know how to make good choices, nor do they have the ability to be accountable for the choices they do make.

Everything is everyone else’s fault and their life is just so UNFAIR.

Then of course you have the morons that are looking at these protests as a way to GET GAIN. Hey, if they break into a store or steal from a car trying to get through the blockade in the name of “TRUMP IS NOT MY PRESIDENT!” then why not? Their pure lack of dignity and dishonorable choice of living can be hidden among the madness of it all.

Miserable human beings.

This is the result of an Obama’s America.

Whether they like it or not….Trump is about to CRUSH the stupidity that has taken over, and finally give us some relief from the madness that has taken over under Obama’s watch.

I cannot wait.

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