Portland’s Mayor Just Issued SICK New Ban For ALL Conservatives In His Town After Liberal’s Terrorist Attack

There’s no doubt that following the November election the United States is a nation divided. We weren’t divided after the 2008 election, or the 2012 election because conservatives didn’t throw the massive hissy fit that liberals are willing to throw because obviously, it would be bad for the country. However, liberals are still willing to do whatever it takes so that we rue the day we beat the participation prize holders at anything, especially the Presidency.

While those of us that have jobs and such are back to living life, punch a clock and minding our own business, the left has been seething, looking for ways to rain down their wrath on the unsuspecting conservatives that had the gall to stand up to them and vote their conscience. Apparently one of those ways is for those in power to attempt to revoke our constitutional rights.

To make matters worse, the contradictions continue, as the right that they’re attempting to revoke is one that the liberals have been leaning very heavily on (if not stretching beyond recognition) of late. They’ve decided that, since they’re right and we’re wrong, only they should be allowed to rally and protest. This absurd misexecution of justice is taking place, of course, on the left coast, specifically Oregon. Land of hippies, haven for liberals and tolerance for everything except for anything they don’t like.

Via Heat Street:

The mayor of Portland, Oregon, has called for an allegedly alt-right rally planned for Sunday to be banned from taking place.

Ted Wheeler, the Democrat mayor of the city, demanded that the federal government revoke a permit for the group Patriot Prayer to hold a meeting.

He argued that the event should be called off in the wake of a double murder on a train last week, allegedly by white supremacist Jeremy Christian.

However, free speech advocates said he shouldn’t be allowed to regulate political activity regardless of what other people do.

In a post on his Facebook page, Wheeler demanded that federal authorities revoke permission for the scheduled June 4th event – which is their responsibility because it takes place on federal land in Shrunk Plaza.

In a press conference yesterday, reported by local NBC affiliate KGW News, Wheeler said Patriot Prayer are not protected by the First Amendment because their event will constitute ‘hate speech’.

Organizer Joey Gibson rejected that characterization and said his event will promote ‘freedom and love’.

He vigorously denied any associated with Christian, and said they had kicked him out of a previous demonstration.

Free speech groups took Gibson’s side, including the local chapter of the ACLU.

In a statement, the group said: ‘The government cannot revoke or deny a permit based on the viewpoint of the demonstrators. Period.’

As Heat Street reported over the weekend, Christian’s political leanings and alleged associations with various groups have become something of a political football.

An initial narrative attempted to paint him as an alt-right devotee and a supporter of Donald Trump.

But further investigation revealed a bizarre mixture of (often contradictory) political positions, as well as claims by Christian that he is a nihilist, a fan of Black Lives Matter, and in the 2016 primaries cast his vote for Bernie Sanders.”

If you believe that the train murders had anything to do with that rally being banned, I’ve got some oceanfront property I’d like to sell you. One person’s illegal actions shouldn’t prohibit others from a peaceful demonstration. In fact, if anything it should have made it more important that those with something to say had a platform to say it on. That logic would sort of make sense on an emotional level if President Trump had made it part of his campaign to support those who carry out murders on trains. However, since that is decidedly NOT the case, this argument doesn’t even hold water in that respect.

This kind of disrespect for the rights of his constituents is the kind of thing that should make for the removal of our elected officials. Unfortunately, I seriously doubt that in a liberal haven like Oregon that is likely to happen since to them, this is war, and all is fair. They’re in full on hysteria, freak out, call in the national guard (ya know, if they condoned the military) kind of panic mode. I’m sorry to see the conservatives rights being trampled on this way, but it’s good to see the liberals on the run.

Maybe it would be a nice treat for them to have Trump supporters from other states come there to do a rally and show them what they’re missing out on with their accepting conservatives that live in their fair state. Oh wait, I forgot, we all have jobs that we have to go to. Oh well, maybe the conservatives that live there will just migrate west and leave them with all their rain, unfortunate mental capacity, and real live criminals that they refuse to punish. They might not like what happens if they lose their political whipping boy(s).

(Source: Heat Street)

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