Poser Navy SEAL Wearing Distinguished Navy Cross During College Convocation Gets BUSTED! (VIDEO)



An Army veteran noticed something fishy with a Sailors uniform at a convocation ceremony at Liberty University. At first glance he though it was the most highly decorated Seal to walk the face of the earth.

But then common sense set in, it was just another shit bag wannabe, who was stealing valor from those who served.


Yesterday, an Army Infantry veteran was attending a convocation ceremony at Liberty University when he came across what appeared to be the most decorated Navy Seal or a complete sh*t bag stealing valor.

Reports about why the poser Seal was even there to begin with are unknown, but we were able to obtain his name, which may not be true, but nonetheless so far its Mark Joston.

Get a load of his story. Or maybe Marcus Lutrell can welcome you to his club.

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