POUR OUT YOUR PEPSI: Look At The SICK Thing They Said About Trump Today!

One of the great mysteries of liberal entrepreneurs is why they would ever think alienating half their customers is a good idea.

Take Target as an example, which decided to virtue signal to the public and take a “progressive” stance on the transgender bathroom debate. Within weeks, 1.4 million families signed a petition to boycott the stores, costing them hundreds of millions in lost revenue. After months, they took the advice their critics suggested the entire time, and invested $20 million in introducing gender neutral bathrooms.

Then turn to GrubHub. Following Trump’s victory their CEO told any employees who agree with Trump’s sentiments to quit. The company barely makes any money anyway, so maybe it would help them for half their workforce to voluntarily lay themselves off. Or maybe they thought this would boost their image among liberals, as their app is used mostly in liberal cities. Regardless of the motive, their stock (NYSE:GRUB) remains lower than before the comments, indicating that traders believe the statement will have a negative impact.

And the leadership at GrubHub were hardly the only ones in corporate America outraged by Trump’s victory. As Liberty Writers News reported:

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You read that right – her employees were crying. Personally if I were CEO, the question I’d be asking isn’t “how do I console my employees” but rather “how did I end up hiring a team of adults who behave like toilers when they don’t get what they want?”

For some unknown reason, during the primary debates one of the moderators always has to toss out a softball question asking the candidates if they prefer Coke over Pepsi. I suppose we’ll see Republicans be the Party of Coke and Democrats the Party of Pepsi after this? Who knows – but I certainly won’t be buying from them any more.

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