POWERFUL: Tearful Black Lives Matter Protester Thanks Dallas Police For Saving Her Life (VIDEO)

It is good to see evidence that the hatred that has become the product of deception and lies, has not fully taken the conscious of every Black Lives Matter member. This is proof that right and wrong has not been completely erased from the hearts and minds of the people who have taken a stand based on feelings, instead of facts and evidence.

Black Lives Matter protester, Shetamia Taylor, was wounded that fateful day we lost 5 heroes in blue. She was there and witnessed for herself the truth that has been hidden by smokescreens of lies and deceit from the leaders of Black Lives Matter up to the leaders of our very own country.

She and her Son are alive and together today because of the very Police Officers they were there to protest. She saw as Black Power activist, Micah Johnson, shot up the crowd, including herself. She was shot in the leg during the mass killing and in that chaos she herself was shielded from more bullets when a Dallas police officer laid down on top of her and took the position of a human shield, to protect both her and her son from more bullets.

In the video you will see for yourself as she she describes the tragic event, and how the selfless actions of police officers were their saving grace that day. She tears up as she talks about what she saw that day, and how her heart is full of gratitude towards all officers who were there to protect and serve.

As she lay there on the ground bleeding, the truth was revealed to her in a huge way. Now she shares that with us, in this video.

Grab yourself some tissues, you’re going to need them.

As you have seen in the video, Shetamia Taylor had tears running down her face as she recounted the tragic experience her and her son have survived only after a Police Officer had thrown himself on top of them to shield them both from bullets.

She goes on to explain through her tears how she saw a Police Officer shot soon after Johnson began firing, and recalls him saying ‘He has a gun. Run’

As she ran, she felt the bullet hit the back of her leg, and as she was screaming for her children to keep running, her 15-yr old son, Andrew, was determined not to leave his Mother behind. She immediately grabbed him and lay over him knowing she had already been shot.

Without hesitation, one officer threw himself over the both of them. Another at their feet, and another at their head. They were there to protect and serve and they did just that. No questions asked.

Because that’s what good guys do.

Media will not be reporting this, for reasons I am sure you are well aware of. Because of this, it’s up to the people to spread the truth. You know what to do.

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