This Prankster’s Video Experiment Does The Unthinkable After Orlando Terror Attack (VIDEO)

Joey Salads, a controversial prankster on YouTube, released an insensitive video the day after the Orlando, Florida terrorist attack. His video was considered a social experimemt in which he compared the publics reaction to a man wearing a white thawb as he ran past people while he dropped a suitcase yelling “Allah Akbar” to a man in regular civilian clothing dropping a suitcase and yelling “Praise Jesus.”

The video tagged “Orlando gay club”, “Orlando shooting” and “Orlando massacre” in an obvious attempt to gain numerous views and followers. Rather desperate. The video has received a lot of ire. Palestinian-American Youtuber Yousef Erakad impugned the video as, “one of the most disgusting videos ever uploaded on YouTube.” He has 11 million followers.

Erakad said,

I’m sick and tired of people relating the word terrorist to Islam in any way shape or form. Why is the Christian in your experiment dressed in normal clothing? If you were going to say anything and you wanted to push a stereotype have the other character dress as KKK and now tell me it’s okay.”

The comments section is riddled with very angry people criticizing his tagging, depiction of the Islamic terrorist, and timing. Most likely as a result of all he criticism he’s received he has decided to donate all the proceeds he gets from the video to the families of those who lost loved ones in the Orlando, Florida massacre.

His response to the naysayers left much to be desired,

“Seems people are disliking before understanding the concept of this video. This video shouldn’t offend anyone, it simply opens up a dialogue to a tragedy. This video will raise questions to why certain things happen, watch the WHOLE video to understand.”

He also reported that as a result of his video he has recieved death threats.

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