PRECIOUS: Little Girl Hugs, ‘High Fives’ Cops in Cleveland At RNC Convention (VIDEO)

I suppose you can file this story under: circumstances liberals think are impossible.

Yes – in a world where liberals think that police officers get out of bed each morning thinking to themselves “I wonder how many blacks I’ll shoot today,” they’d be shocked to know that the overwhelming majority of interactions with the police are… peaceful!

Just look at all the Black Lives Matters martyrs. The number of martyrs who were resisting arrest, attacking someone, armed, or armed and reaching for their firearm. In most cases, the tragedies could’ve been avoided – but not because of anything the police did.

To give just a reminder to our liberal friends that police are people (and that blue lives matter), here’s a video from the RNC.


In an endearing encounter with police at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, today, one little girl had nothing but love for those who risk their lives to keep us safe – and MRCTV was there to capture the moment.

Offended by this? You might be a liberal.

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