Prepare To Open Your Bank Account If You’re White To Pay Nasty ‘Tax’ To Blacks, If This Guy Gets His Way

Once upon a time, in a nation that promised equality, the citizens of that nation did a very bad thing in order to make their own lives more comfortable. The people who said they believed in life liberty and the pursuit of happiness enslaved other people and didn’t let them have those same rights. It was a dark time, but it (thankfully) abolished and left in the past.

The descendants of those slaves had a tough time for a while, but they eventually became to be on the same footing as any other American, and now flourish in a country that once enslaved their ancestors. Unfortunately, those same people, whose grandparents, generations ago, were treated very badly, have decided that those whose grandparents did the bad treating need to pay up. I’m talking of course about the African American push to make white people in America do penance in a very real and tangible way for the slavery that took place here.

They must forget the hundreds of thousands of white people who died to free the slaves and programs like affirmative action that gives them privileges that other cultures don’t have. Unfortunately, there’s a big chunk of Black America who thinks that they can squeeze something out of the no good whites, and they’re bound and determined to have their pound of flesh.

Bill Mahr invited a racial aficionado and Georgetown professor to come school him on racial sensitivity. And yes that conversation came out as weird as it sounds.

Via Right Wing News:

“The idea of reparations has been around for a long time. Some activists believe that white Americans should be forced to pay black Americans whose ancestors were slaves. It’s not something that most people take seriously, but HBO host Bill Maher welcomed a guest who argues for exactly this on his show recently.

Maher recently landed in hot water for using the n-word on his show ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’, and he’s only just come back on the air. One of his first guests was Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson, who unsurprisingly lectured Maher about his racist slip-up.

‘That’s our word, and you can’t have it back,’ Dyson told Maher, who agreed. ‘I did a bad thing,’ Maher responded. ‘For black folks, that word, I don’t care who you are, has caused pain. I’m not here to do that.’ The real question, of course, is how Maher still has his job, but apparently, celebrities can commit any manner of sins and have them excused, as long as they’re liberals.

Dyson seemed eager to give his forgiveness to Maher for something he did directly, but strangely, he’s not so eager to forgive every other white American for things they had nothing to do with. Dyson wants all white Americans to be forced to open bank accounts which would be used as an ‘individual reparations account’, with the money within given to black groups in an effort to make up for the history of slavery in America.

Nevermind the countless white Americans who fought — and died — to end slavery.

‘Look, if it doesn’t cost you anything, you’re not really engaging in change; you’re engaging in convenience,’ he argued. ‘You’re engaged in the overflow. I’m asking you to do stuff you wouldn’t ordinarily do. I’m asking you to think more seriously and strategically about why you possess what you possess. That is what I meant by an I.R.A.: an individual reparations account.’

So even though white Americans living today had nothing to do with slavery, they should be forced to pay reparations for it? Sure, buddy.”

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; yes what happened to slaves was bad but YOU WERE NEVER A SLAVE SO YOU DON’T GET THE REPARATIONS! I understand that some people want to be in touch with their ancestors, and I get that certain phrases are offensive, I do. However, you can no more control what I say than I can control you say. If we are good and decent people, we will strive to make sure that we don’t intentionally say hurtful things to people who’ve done nothing wrong. However, a whole social agenda centered around “educating” and controlling a race of people to treat those who are controlling them a certain way is insanity. They’re saying that they don’t want money as reparation, and yet they want the things that money can buy. They’re claiming that they’re not interested in anything that isn’t due them, well I’ve got news for ya, you’re only due what you earn; no more and no less.

I think much of this stems from the idea that there’s something better out there that those who consider themselves discriminated against don’t have. Everyone is discriminated against for something, that’s human nature, and I think it’s sad that there are people who will live their entire lives thinking that something was out of their reach because of the way they were born. If something was out of their reach it’s because they didn’t work for it, not because of the color of their skin.

I feel sorry, but not sorry enough to give in the whining and shaming for something I didn’t do. Go try that on some of the socialist liberals that you know, I hear they like to give away money to people with their hands stuck out.

(Source: Right Wing News)

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