President Obama Gets Wake-Up Call For Saying ‘ISIS Isn’t A Threat’ – From His Own CIA Director!

Wow! The hits keep coming! Obama is getting HAMMERED by military & intelligence leaders almost daily. Good!

BizPac Review reported:

Following President Obama’s speech on the Islamic terrorist organization ISIS and the country’s role in defeating the group, he got a wake-up call from CIA Director John Brennan.

During the speech given months ago, Obama insisted that ISIS was “not an existential threat” to the US, claiming the group has “perverted” the religion of Islam.

But, Brennan is not having any of it, shooting down Obama’s claims that ISIS is not a threat to the US and making it clear that it’s not all okay when it comes to the fight against terrorism.

BizPac Review continued:

“As the pressure mounts on ISIL, we judge that it will intensify its global terror campaign to maintain it’s dominance of the global terrorism agenda,” Brennan said.

Most notable, Brennan said he believes ISIS is trying to infiltrate the country using the refugee program. Read more…

CIA director Brennan completely contradicts what Obama told us about ISIS, last week a top Air Force general said that Obama’s cuts to the branch have left it almost completely ineffective, and the Admiral who planned the Bin Laden raid said our military hasn’t been respected since Obama was elected.

Obama’s getting it from all sides! Hell yeah! Keep firing boys! The only thing better would be to see this at the White House!

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By Jeff Rainforth
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Jeff was the national rally organizer to free Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi from the Mexican prison, chairman emeritus of Ross Perot’s Reform Party of California, and a former candidate for governor. Jeff is editor-in-chief at Freedom Daily. He wrote for former Hollywood talent agent & Breitbart contributor, Pat Dollard, and headed up his 30 person research team. Mr. Rainforth also wrote for the Wayne Dupree Show. Jeff is single & says he is not gay.

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