President Obama’s reaction to the horrific murder of journalist Jim Foley was pure and heartfelt, however, he missed the mark.

Obama has known about the Islamic State threat for about a year now, and he obviously misjudged their motivation and capability. We would assume he thought the whole hearts and minds campaign intertwined with pink unicorns and rainbows would surely make ISIS back off their caliphate.

President Obama promised ‘hope and change’ in 2009, and bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia soon after. Look at where we stand today, the Middle East has never been more dangerous and in shambles, the threat to our nation that ISIS poses is greater than Al Qaeda ever posed.

When the President called ISIS a ‘Junior Varsity’ squad he really put his foot in his mouth, would a JV squad behead Americans? Would they crucify children?

You Mr. President missed the mark yet again, and you’re not capable of leading this nation.

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