President Obama Vetoes Military Spending Bill Over Ideology


From Young Cons: Barack Obama has established himself as a president that has no problem both circumventing the law and using the power of the veto to punish political opponents over nothing more than ideology.

Today, the president vetoed a Pentagon military spending authorization bill which marks only the 5th time in the last 50 years that such an action has taken place.
From The Blaze:

President Barack Obama vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act based heavily on opposition to keeping Guantanamo Bay open, as well as his desire to increase non-defense spending beyond the current budget caps.

“Unfortunately, it falls woefully short in three areas,” Obama said of the bill before the veto.

 “Number one, it keeps in place the sequester that is inadequate for us to fund our military in a stable way that allows all of our armed forces to plan properly,” Obama said. “This bill instead resorts to gimmicks and does not allow the Pentagon to do what it needs to do.”

The president has stated that he wants to eliminate the entire sequester — the across-the-board budget cuts from 2013. The NDAA would have authorized an increase in military appropriations funding of $38 billion, largely by moving money around. However, separate Republican appropriations bills for other areas of the government keep the sequester funding levels in place.

Secondly, he said, the bill does not allow the military to modernize and be more efficient.

“The third thing is this legislation specifically impedes our ability to close Guantanamo,” Obama said.

The president added that Gitmo is “counterproductive to our efforts to defeat terrorism around the world” and “one of the premier mechanisms for jihadists to recruit. It’s time for us to close it.”

The president has shown us once again that he will not accept compromise.

The main reason that he is stopping this bill, which passed through both houses of Congress, is that it makes it harder for him to close Guantanamo.

The president is responding by playing politics with the United States military.  He wants to do something that no one in the country wants and his way of sticking it to them is by basically throwing a fit.

His claim that terrorists use Guantanamo to recruit is not only wrong but it basically justifies the heinous and unspeakable crimes that terrorists are committing across the Middle East.

The nonsense about the sequester is laughable as well.  The president is pretending that this bill should be vetoed since it doesn’t spend enough on the military because it adheres to the previously agreed upon sequester cuts.  The president is banking on the fact that Americans don’t remember the sequester was HIS IDEA.

The president is also now pretending to be concerned about the military.  The man who oversaw hundreds of thousands of veterans dying as they waited for care at the VA, pumped millions of dollars into Iran’s terrorism fund that will certainly put Americans in harm’s way, and returned five Taliban commanders to the battlefield in exchange for a military deserter, all of a sudden is the military’s number one advocate?

President Obama is not qualified to be Commander in Chief for a multitude of reasons.

His complete lack of ability to see past his own personal ideology and do what is best for the country is by far the most frustrating.  This shortcoming was on full display today.


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