DISGRACEFUL: Former Presidents Now Refuse To Attend Trump’s Inauguration

Usually, living presidents attend the inauguration of an incoming president. But it looks like Donald Trump is facing a major snub at his inauguration: so far, only one president has said that he will attend. And it’s probably not who you would imagine.

There are currently four living ex-presidents: Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush. The only one who has RSVPed is Jimmy Carter. George H.W. Bush, who is 92, has said he can’t attend due to his age, and his son, George W. Bush, has not yet decided if he will attend. Freddy Ford, his spokesman, said he will decide after the new year.

Bill Clinton, meanwhile, seems to be having a crisis of conscience as to whether or not he should attend. On the one hand, Trump ran against Clinton’s wife and both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump engaged in a rather vicious election cycle. However, former presidents typically only skip an inauguration if their health prevents them from attending, and if Bill Clinton doesn’t attend, it could make him seem petty and bitter. Sources from the Clinton camp say that he is leaning towards not going.

Barack Obama’s first inauguration, in 2009, had all four living presidents in attendance.

The inauguration will take place on January 20th, with both Donald Trump and Mike Pence sworn in as president and vice president, respectively, at the United States Capitol. Afterwards, there will be an inaugural parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. Later that evening, Trump and Pence will attend their inaugural balls.

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