Pro Golfer Creates a Big Divot After Claiming Texas Terrorists Are Exercising Their Constitutional Right


From IJReview: Bob Estes would probably love to have a mulligan following his comments about the terrorist attack in Garland, Texas.

The Daily Caller reported that, following the attack on the ‘Draw Mohammad’ event supporting free speech, Estes took to Twitter with his views on the terrorists who tried to shoot up the event and wounded an officer:

Image Credit: Daily Caller/ Twitter

It didn’t go over well.


The Texas-based golfer says he immediately deleted it. He then spent the next 20 hours doing damage control:


At one point, he tried to rephrase his original thought, but seemed stuck in the sand:Which brought this profane response from the other side of the world:

Others were just looking out for the PGA pro:

But, Estes went from the sand to being sunk in the water hazard:

And then he retweeted this:

Estes tried laughing it off:

He might have to pull some extra clubs from his bag to get out of this one.

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