Pro-Hillary Feminist Accuses Trump Supporter Of Using Big Boobs To Promote Fascism (VIDEO)


Just when you thoughts feminism couldn’t get any crazier…

It all began when liberal commentator Cassandra Fairbanks announced that she preferred Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton. She quickly got a taste of what we’ve been hearing for decades, and had been called a racist/sexist/Islamophobe, etc.

As a Bernie supporter, you can imagine that most of her views are left-of-center. But unlike most of her liberal colleagues, she’s not voting for a candidate based on their genitals.

The populist appeal with Trump is made clear when you hear her reasoning. As she argues, Hillary Clinton has been a disaster when it comes to the Middle East, and that she takes Saudi money.She proceeds to compare the platforms of Donald Trump and Hilllary Clinton, pointing out that while Donald Trump may say stupid things, Hillary Clinton does them.

Lastly, she blames Hillary for suggesting that the Iraq War was fought for profit.

Watch below:

It’s been long speculated that many of Bernie’s supporters would back Trump, as polls routinely showed 30-50% of his supporters claiming that they wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election.

And as the #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet hashtag continues to go viral, her critics decided to respond to the above video by claiming she was “using her boobs to promote fascism.”

Breitbart reported:

No sooner than Fairbanks posted the video and tweeted it out to her nearly 64,000 Twitter followers, attacks began to roll in. One admitted feminist Hillary supporter immediately set out to shame Fairbanks for using her boobs to promote fascism. That person, going by the name @RevMagdalen, previously admitted she was supporting Hillary Clinton because she was “concerned with dismantling the systemic oppression of Americans with vaginas.”

Strangely enough, none of these people ever accused her of using her boobs to promote Bernie.