Pro-Trump Blacks Reveal Why They Bailed On The Liberal Democrat ‘Plantation’ (VIDEO)


Black women at an impromptu Donald Trump celebration rally in Temecula, California, expressed support for the presumptive GOP nominee.

“I’m supporting Donald Trump because [he’s] the ultimate game-changer,” one woman explained at the rally on Saturday, adding that she switched parties in order to support Trump.

“I’m trying to urge anyone that is Democrat that wants change to vote Republican.”

Another woman wearing a shirt that read “Mr. Trump build that wall” in capital letters also expressed her support for the populist New York frontrunner, and divulged she also switched parties.

“I used to be in the Democratic party, and I wised up. I became smart and I got out of the Democrat party. A lot of blacks out there don’t know that Martin Luther King was Republican. Also, Lincoln who freed the slaves was Republican.”

“Blacks need to wise up and come on the side to make history and be on the right side of history as a Republican.”


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